About Ivy Supersonic Hats


Ivy Supersonic Hats are handmade and designed solely by me, and there are no two alike. Supersonic Feathered Hats have a Life Energy. Feathers are from Birds, which have Souls, and the Souls are Following their Feathers; which give you Guidance and Brings Opportunity. On this website are a few fun photos of the Fab and the Famous, wearing my creations throughout the years such as: Pam, Debbie, Snoop, Hillary, Navarro, Clinton, Kelly, TLee, Clef, Monica Lewinsky, Kat VonD, Gilby, Gene Simmons, Russell, and Aretha Franklin. Tommy Lee of Motley Crue and his fiance’ Sofia Toufa; dancer and backup singer in Motley, are both modeling the 2015 Collection.

Link to TV PRESS (works for PC only); http://ivysmedia.com/ivid/

Link to Celebs wearing Ivy Supersonic: http://www.ivysmedia.com/hats/